Most Expensive Luxury Fake Watches UK Sold At Auction In The 21st Century

Study the past two decades of wristwatch auction records and one essential fact about the high-end timepiece market will soon become clear: It is a hegemony. So much so that the dominant power hardly needs to be stated. Anyone with a passing familiarity with luxury Swiss made replica watches knows it already.

We are of course talking about cheap UK Patek Philippe fake watches, the family-owned, Geneva-based brand whose timepieces have ruled the secondary market since the mechanical watchmaking renaissance began in the late 1980s. In fact, many scholars date the beginning of the renaissance to 1989, the year that Patek Philippe introduced the Calibre 89, pocket replica watches for sale commemorating the firm’s 150th anniversary.

Replica Patek Philippe Titanium Ref. 5208T-010 Watches for Only Watch

Patek Philippe uses titanium on the rarest of occasions. Case in point: This Ref. 5208 triple complication wrist copy watches wholesale, featuring a minute repeater, a monopusher chronograph, and an instantaneous perpetual calendar, created for the 7th Only Watch auction, a biennial charity sale with proceeds benefitting the Monaco Association against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Not only is this the first and only titanium version of the Ref. 5208, the piece also boasts another distinction: With caliber R CH 27 PS QI, it marks the first time that 1:1 top Patek Philippe replica watches reworked a movement for a special edition. Sold at Christie’s Geneva in November 2017 for $6,200,000.

Fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 6265 “The Unicorn” Watches

The high quality replica Rolex Ref. 6265 “The Unicorn” Cosmograph Daytona watches is a unique 18k white gold chronograph wristwatch with black dial and bark finished bracelet, circa 1970. Elusive doesn’t begin to describe this mythical white gold best super clone watches, which resided in Rolex specialist John Goldberger’s collection before he gave it up for charity. Sold at Phillips’ “Daytona Ultimatum” Geneva auction in May 2018 for $5,936,906.

Patek Philippe Ref. 2523 Replica Watches Retailed by Gobbi

A unique 18k pink gold two-crown world time wristwatch with 24-hour indication and double-signed blue enamel dial, the Patek Philippe Ref. 2523 fake watches shop site was manufactured in 1953. Described by Christie’s as “breathtakingly rare,” the AAA replica watches is the only known reference 2523 to feature both Patek Philippe’s signature and that of the prestigious Milan retailer Gobbi. Sold at Christie’s Hong Kong in November 2019 for $9,008,856.

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