NBA MVP Joel Embiid’s First High Quality Rolex Fake Watches UK Was A Gift From James Harden

Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid won his first NBA MVP this week. There were tears, bear hugs from teammates, and all-time classic luxury Rolex replica watches. We have Embiid’s teammate James Harden to thank for that last part. The morning after the MVP award was announced, Harden showed up to the arena with a special watch for his newly anointed teammate: a rose-gold Rolex Day-Date.

The contents of the box, in Rolex’s signature green, would have been obvious to any top UK fake watches enthusiast from the jump, and Embiid pops it open with genuine glee: “Oooooooh, my first Rolex,” he said. He later told ESPN’s Malika Andrews it was his first watch, period.

The watch, listed for $41,500 on Rolex’s site, is the perfect piece to start a collection off with. The AAA best replica Rolex Day-Date watches was the first watch to write out the days of the week and is known for its association with prominent and powerful figures. The watch’s bracelet is now referred to as the President because it was the piece Lyndon B. Johnson preferred.

To add to the gift, Harden also got it engraved with “23 MVP” on the caseback. It’s miraculous that Harden was able to not just source a difficult-to-find Rolex but also get it engraved in the course of a single night. Either Harden has a great hookup (not unlikely) or he prepared for Embiid’s likely win. But I like to imagine a third possibility: Harden, who apparently has more in common with Santa Claus than the beard, has a drawer full of exquisite cheap copy watches he keeps on hand for last-minute gifts. (He famously gave a Richard Mille to Lil Baby, too.) The only misstep was that the perfect replica watches was apparently too small for Embiid’s wrists. “We’ll get you more links,” Harden said to him. Hopefully Embiid catches the bug from his new Day-Date and we just witnessed the birth of a new collector.

Tom Holland’s Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica Watches

Some people really do have it all: front-row seats to the Lakers-Warriors series, Swiss movements fake Patek Philippe Aquanaut watches, and a British accent. The increasingly rare Aquanaut, one of the watchmaker’s two coveted sport models, is a favorite of Holland’s: He also owns one in rose gold. This version of the Aquanaut embraces its rugged roots with a khaki-green colorway.

Stefon Digg’s Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Fake Watches

Buffalo Bills receiver Diggs hid his 1:1 super clone watches from the Met Gala red carpet photographers but there’s only so long you can keep a watch like this under wraps. Inside the event, this all-black Audemars Piguet replica watches wholesale got its moment to shine. This is the flip side of Hamilton’s bright-white IWC: a perpetual calendar made in all-black ceramic. This was one of the hottest pieces in the world upon its release in 2017 and AP has followed it up with versions in a blueberry hue and snow white.

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