UK Top Panerai Replica Watches Continues Its Dedicated Collection Inspired By The Navy SEALs

A collection of timepieces for modern heroes, available internationally

With a history intertwined with that of the Italian military, Panerai has long held a steadfast commitment to crafting cheap Swiss replica watches that embody the ideals of challenge, bravery, team spirit, and adrenaline. These same values are shared by the legendary Navy SEALs, known for their exceptional training and remarkable feats in the world of the sea, modern heroes in their own right.

A merging of these two brings to life a collection of AAA best fake watches that feature specialized diving and sporty attributes, each developed with the elite military force in mind, a true testament to the fortitude and determination that both Panerai and the Navy SEALs embody. Whether a professional diver, a daring adventurer, or a connoisseur of finely crafted timepieces, it is the shared passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible that inspirits this collaboration. For the first time ever, this limited edition Navy SEALs collection will be available internationally, following the previous release exclusively for the US market.

Set in a 44mm steel Brunito case, the high quality replica Panerai Luminor Marina Navy SEALs PAM01412 watches is a re-edition of an iconic Panerai model in a finishing that lends every timepiece a unique character. Every Brunito steel case is hand-finished one by one to create a seasoned look, with the intently weathered effect of the steel case, created via PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition).

The Swiss movements copy watches has an anthracite-shaded dial that features the inscription ‘Navy SEALs’. The Navy SEALs logo is engraved on the timepiece’s case back while its rubber bracelet is made from high-quality rubber for advanced abrasion resistance as endurance for oils and corrosive agents. It also comes with a second bi-material strap. PAM01412 is powered by an automatic P9010 calibre with a three-day reserve and is a limited edition in 862 pieces.

The collaboration continues with two Luminor Chrono references, PAM01409 in a 44mm steel Brunito case and PAM01419 in a 44mm CarboTech™ case. The structure of Carbotech is designed to enhance both the aesthetics and the performance of the material where thin sheets of carbon fibres are compressed at a controlled temperature under high pressure together with a high-end polymer, PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone), which binds the composite material, making it stronger and more durable.

Both the 2023 online replica watches have shaded black dials with the ‘Navy SEALs’ inscription and target inspired small seconds sub-dial as well as the Speed Tachymeter Scale, to measure the average speed of the yacht over a defined distance. With rubber crowns and back cases engraved with the elite force’s logo, they also come with rubber straps and a second bi material strap, just like the PAM01412. Powered by a P.9200 Chrono automatic calibre, PAM01409 is available in a limited edition of 562 pieces while PAM01419 is available in a limited edition of 462 pieces.

From the Submersible collection, the perfect super clone Panerai Submersible Navy SEAL watches is animated by caliber P.900/GMT. The self-winding movement is equipped with central hour and minute hands, a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, the date at 3 o’clock, and a GMT display of a second time zone. Two spring barrels store energy supplying a three days power reserve.

PAM01323 features a 44m steel case and bezel, contrasting beautifully with the shaded grainy black dial. The dial is darker at the perimeter than at its center, with large dots and golden yellow colour accents on each hand and the numerals in the date window, making it highly legible. The Navy Seals emblem is engraved on the case back, and the luxury replica watches comes with a black rubberized crown and black rubber strap, as well as a second bi-material option with a black and gray camouflage pattern inspired by the uniform worn by Navy SEALs. A tool is included for easy interchangeability of the straps.

For thrill seekers, Panerai introduces PAM01402, the Experience Edition: Submersible Chrono Navy SEALs, where every watch owner will be invited to participate in an immersive thematic Special Operations Experience. Set in a 47mm steel Brunito case with a ceramic disc on the bezel and a rubber crown, the 1:1 China fake watches has a shaded black dial that features the ‘Navy SEALs’ inscription and target-inspired small seconds sub-dial. The Submersible is equipped with a flyback chronograph function that enables the wearer to time events with a simple push as well as the tactical Time to Target that allows for counting down to a desired point in time. The back case is engraved with the elite unit’s logo while its rubber strap is matched with a second patch Velcro strap inspired by the patch used on military uniforms. Powered by a P.9100/R automatic caliber with a three-day reserve, the limited edition is available in 50 pieces.

Owners of PAM01402 will be put through a series of tactical exercises, all designed to challenge participants physically and mentally, encouraging them to push themselves to their limits and beyond. Participants will gain a deeper appreciation and knowledge of the unit’s heroic efforts. Each participant in the Special Operations Experience will also receive an NFT containing information to support their experience, such as a specific training card, technical information about the watch, a warranty booklet, and finally, artwork created specifically by the Panerai Studio.

The collection comes in the new Panerai box. The design includes a convenient drawer that houses the booklet and guarantee card, as well as a second strap and tools to change the straps. The new packaging also includes a travel pouch, particularly useful for those who frequently travel, ensuring that their timepiece is protected and secure.

All references are boutique exclusives.

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