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“The look that stone dial watches can provide is like no other, the possibilities are endless,” shares vintage watch expert Arthur Pfister. “Stone dials are curious. They give an extra jewellery touch to 1:1 replica watches. It’s a conversation starter and something you don’t see everyday.” From lapis lazuli to turquoise, watchmakers have long been switching up the dial game with precious stones in a bid to make a watch imbue a one-of-a-kind spirit, while pushing the frontiers of what you can actually put inside a watch. After all, Moser did cheese once.

“Each dial tells a story, and each story begins with a cosmic gathering of materials, minerals, and crystals millions of years in the making,” shares expert and head of top UK fake watches at Material Good, Yoni Ben-Yehuda. “There is something extremely humbling about looking at your wrist while wearing a stone dial, and being connected to a journey that started centuries ago that will inevitably lead to you, and this particular slice of stone, intertwining together.”

So whether you’re into numerology, geology or simply trying to feng shui your apartment with an attractive rock or two, try getting your hands on stone dial replica watches wholesale instead. Because horology rocks.

Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Turquoise Watches

Whatever Swiss made Audemars Piguet fake watches touches turns into some sort of gold. 18 karat yellow gold here, with its newest stoney offering. “This timepiece has been met with a feverish cult-like following,” notes Ben-Yehuda. “Since no two stones, or even two cuts of the same stone are alike, each stone dial tells a story. Each individual piece will have its own quirks and colours, only found in the true majesty of nature.” So if cleansing your crystals is your calling, you better start running to snap up this Audemars Piguet Royal paragon copy watches online that unites the craftsmanship of both nature and mankind in a mere 37mm.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo Extra Thin Fake Watches

The lengths watchmakers will go to evolve, enhance models and primarily outdo its competitors should only be applauded – we just have the pleasure of watching on and enjoying the products. Case in point, AP’s latest Royal Oak replica watches site debuts a new material to tell the time with – BMG. Yep, Stormzy and Dave take note – if you want your AP RO to be shinier and more scratch resistant, then Bulk Metallic Glass is your answer. If you’re more BFG than BMG, we understand, but surely the smoky blood red dial gets you clicking on this cheap super clone watches for a closer look?

Hublot Big Bang e UEFA Champions League Gen3 Replica Watches

As if having Newcastle back in the Champions League wasn’t enough of a treat, Hublot has decided to drop a new version of its Big Bang e connected fake watches for men to reaffirm its credentials as the watch brand for all the big nights in European football (as if you haven’t clocked the branding on the substitutions board though). It’s blue to match the iconic competitions’ colours, and 44m of ceramic in line with luxury Hublot replica watches‘ love for big boldness. ‘Match mode’ activates 15 mins before KO, and from there you get goals, yellow cards and full time alerts in real time. Given the amount of streaming platforms required to keep up with every football competition these days, the promise of being able to follow every Champs League game from your wrist is a genuinely tempting offer. Only 200 available.

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