UK Cheap Swiss Fake Watches With Ed Sheeran, Hosted By John Mayer

Though he’s only recently been lionized as a major collector and high quality replica watches enthusiast on social media, Ed Sheeran has been a passionate collector for over a decade.

There is a vulnerability in sharing one’s AAA UK fake watches collection with the world. Yes, they’re material items, but they’re called “personal effects” for a reason; they represent our choices, our tastes, the milestones in our lives, and our aspirations for the future. The elephant in the room, of course, is that some of these items are out of reach for most watch lovers, let alone the millions of Ed Sheeran fans that pack stadiums to watch his dynamic performances.

Replica Hublot Skull Bang Limited Edition Watches

“I bought this for my 21st birthday,” Ed says. The Hublot Skull Bang was Ed’s foray into mechanical perfect fake watches. It’s a limited edition of 100, and he and his buddy Jamal Edwards bought two of them together. It’s got a skull on the dial, but it’s pretty subtle as far as Hublot goes, which is what appealed to him. 

There’s a certain snobbiness about Hublot that Ed says he’s never understood. After all, he’s had this luxury copy watches for 12 years, and it’s never been serviced. Not bad.

Fake Patek Philippe 5726 Watches Customized By Bamford

Over the past decade, Ed’s developed a relationship with watch customizer George Bamford. Over the years, Bamford has made customized faces for Sheeran’s Swiss movements replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726 Annual Calendar watches to match each of his albums. Patek Philippe introduced the 5726/1a annual calendar with moonphase in 2019. When Ed wrote his first article for Hodinkee that same year, he showed us a customized 5726 dial with his initials, “E.S.”

“I’ve got watches that are respectful to being a watch collector, but sometimes you just want to spray paint your car. And I think that’s fun,” Ed says. 

Replica Patek Philippe 5230G World Time Piece Unique Watches With Ed’s Hometown On The Dial

“This, I think, is the coolest watch I own,” Ed says. We’ve moved into the piece unique portion of today’s program. This is unique Patek Philippe 5320G super clone watches for sale, with detail that’s totally individual to Sheeran: the name of his hometown, Framlingham, England, printed on the dial. 

“It’s got a kebab shop, one cafe, a couple of pubs. But it’s not like having Singapore or Doha on the dial,” Ed says of his hometown. He wanted a watch unique to him, so he asked if 1:1 Patek Philippe replica watches would swap out London for his Framlingham on a 5230G World Time. 

Patek obliged, and the result is a piece unique that flies totally under the radar. Besides the name of his hometown and a subtle custom color scheme unique to this example, it’s an off-the-shelf 5320G. It’s completely and uniquely Ed. Even better, he says the last time he wore it was when he made a surprise appearance at his high school in Framlingham. 

Audemars Piguet White Ceramic QP Piece Unique Fake Watches

Another brand, another piece unique. Again, from a distance, this looks like a pretty typical white ceramic top replica Audemars Piguet perpetual calendar watches (QP). The first thing you notice that’s different is the “panda dial” with black subdials, inverted from the white ceramic QP’s typical layout. But when you look closer, you see there’s even more going on. 

For Ed’s global Mathematics Tour, he had AP make a piece unique that sums up his career to date. Each of the hands are a different color, representing each of his first six studio albums. The customization goes even further: the rotor is customized with the mathematical symbols representing Ed’s albums. 

One more thing: you’ll notice two red numbers on the dial, representing the birthdays of Sheeran’s daughters. 

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